03.30 history of the world

sometimes i scour the internet for information about weird things. before i popped a dvd into my laptop, i randomly googled "condensed india history" and came up with A Condensed History of Everything.

876 CE: Some Indian invents the ZERO, making math homework even more difficult and frustrating. At this point in time, Christian Europe is home to the most degraded, least advanced, most backwards-ass civilizations on the planet.

i had no idea an indian invented the zero. or that the zero was that old!

....and now i'm thinking to myself: i never did find the condensed history of india.


Patrick said...

i read this several years ago:


it did in fact mention that the zero -- the absence of value -- originated in india. apparently, before that time, the dominant paradigm held that the only real quantity was positive and nothing else. it seems like such a simple idea, this zero. but back then it was revolutionary.

salima said...

just read some reviews and it sounds like a good read. funny... if the indian invented the concept of zero, he or she certainly didn't provide the name zero. it would have come out more like "jeeero"!

patrick said...


The Muslims of that day, generally contemptuous of non-Islamic culture, had no problem conceding the invention of this number system to India.