12.25 coconuts

the coconut is no mere fruit. it's food, medicine, shelter, clothing and music all in one.

no part of the coconut plant will go to waste. in fact, you are said to be blessed if you have coconut trees growing on your property. the coconut tree lasts for 10 years or more, and will produce 10 or more coconuts each season.

i'm amazed at what you can make with coconuts!! the coconut water is probably the most pure source of water you can find. aside from eating and drinking it up, you can use the liquid for intravenous fluid... the leaves for shelter, baskets, clothing, storage... the outside shell to make shirt buttons, musical instruments, floor buffers, canoes, women's bikinis... the husk for string, rope, fuel... not to mention the tree itself as source of wood or a kid's playground!

here's the wiki article on coconuts. i'm not lying, you can see for yourself!

today i'll get a coconut massage. can't wait!

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