03.18 the bates debate

i've been really really bad.

haven't done my eye exercises in more than a week, due to the same old same old thing: too busy, rushing around, don't have time etc. well. that's going to stop right now!!

i've been talking about the excercises called the "bates method" (discovered by william bates), which have make a remarkable impact on my vision and on that of thousands of people before me.

understandably, the scientific community cannot stand this. the entire vision care industry is at stake, including optometrists, glasses manufacturers, contact lens manufacturers, and the laser eye surgeons. all of these are very lucrative businesses. if what bates has discovered catches on, depite living proof like me, who have improved their eyesight past what anyone could imagine, the industries that cater to corrective eyewear will plummet.

i've found bates challenged all over the place, including this wiki entry.

two more of my friends have just finished their stay at the school for perfect eyesight in pondicherry and have also had incredible success in just a week of following very simple instructions twice a day. it does take some dedication but it works. hell even for me with me semi-dead-ication.

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