01.07 bright lights, mumbai city

chennai-mumbai. not so hot flight. no, not turbulence. i sat next to an insanely egotistical tennis 'star'. he wants to see his name in my blog - after i explicitly said i don't write about people. well chirag - this is your moment of fame.

[btw, air deccan has no reserved seating! it's chaos. a total khichro!]

ok - my folks. the sweet people that they are, meet me at the airport. we hop in a cab for south-central mumbai. looking out the window, mumbai is slick. dark. damp.

which makes me realise i have not seen rain in my 4 weeks.

mumbai is polar oppostite to pondi. so many people about, wide and well paved streets, loads of tourists, old colonial buildings decked regal flags, so many curious places and faces.

i'm a bit sad - i miss pondi. i've only got one more week here. i'm gonna relish it. as we pass by cinema with thousands of people swarmed outside, i get that excited feeling of being someplace that throbs. the "oonch-oonch-oonch" of the underground club that you stumble upon by mistake in a back alleyway and go in to this whole new world have the time of your life. well it's been a while for me. bring it on.

i'm up for anything. i'm in the 'bai. mumbai baby!

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