12.21 thaali with truckers

if you've ever shared a meal with me at some point, you know very well that i love love love food. this is one meal i gotta tell you about!

while we were out for our full day of driving and visiting small villages in my ancestral stomping gounds, we naturally worked up an appetite. there was no where in sight to eat except this one remote truck stop our driver recommended we stop at.

in north america, i grew up traveling on interstate or national highways (the time before roadside MAC and Wendy's), so i'm no stranger to the truck-stop. i was a bit curious, wondering what type of food they would be serving up.

the food was the most amazing i've had yet. for about 50 cents we had traditional thaali for lunch. the thaali is a north indian concept of eating, mostly vegetarian, where your food is served in a large metallic platter. inside the platter, individual dishes are served in small matching metallic cups. along with papadam and chapattis (an indian flatbread), i had curried okra and curried mixed veggies, daal, the most increidble curried spinach, rice, mango puree (to die for), all served with a small shot of chai.

the waiters loved us, and kept coming back with their hanging tins filled with yummy food to refill. i think i had about 6 chapatis in total. they came around with ladoos - the type of indian after dinner sweet thing that you get at very traditional weddings.

mmmm. pure heaven.

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Hari Shenoy said...

yup, we guys know how much you enjoy your food. I had a similar experience of eating at some stopover on the highway, after having been amazingly hungry for around 24 hours - as expected, I blogged about it, check it out here: