12.16 naughty

so here we were touring up in rajasthan and my mom thought it would be cool to go on an elephant ride. part of me feels sorry for these animals, the other part of me is more like "when in rome..." except we are far, far, far from rome.

our driver stopped an elephanteer on the road and haggled with him so we could get atop the beast and be carried around like royals for a few minutes.

lucky us, we met up with bubloo - the naughty baby elephant!

only 10 years old, the wicked bubloo decides to knock my dad off a stone wall (he had to grasp the harness for his life while his feet left dangling over the edge of the wall!). always wise, dad decided not to do the elephant thing after all. i climbed up and off we went, me and my mom.

the most boring mode of transportation i've encountered yet. and slow!! so that was the much-hyped moment in the sun. although it felt like forever.

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