01.05 wiggle it - the ihw

it's taking time but i'm finally decoding the indian head wiggle (ihw).

no matter where in the world you go, you will always know someone who grew up in india by this telltale movement of the head. it's like a bellydancing head, only it's from india, with love.

i found a useful article called Tilt Your Head Like an Indian, that comes as close to anything i've found to not only descipher, but to master, this gesture that has puzzled so many .

but why would i need to learn the ihw, you ask?
elementary my dear. it's a catch-all for so many things. just think, with an easy wiggle of the head you can convey "yes", "no", "you gotta be crazy", "vah!!" (or "this is utter bliss, don't stop") , "you are so right", "mmmm", or "how the hell should i know?!". it's an entire language unto itself.

learn it. incorporate it regularly when you are in india. only then will you be able to understand it when it's wiggling in your face.

and you will be an instant hit...
kinda like this;

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