12.15 9 is not 11 (september is not november)

i just listened to this interview with arundhati roy - the booker award winning author of the god of small things, as she talks about the situation in south asia.

it's refreshing to hear her explain that the recent violence and killings in mumbai and other areas are not a new phemomenon, and point to south asia's sad and gruesome history.

in addition, that the violence was not just restricted to two five star hotels, but that more causalties were found at the local railway station, victims of which were local, ordinary indians.

she goes on to explain that this is only the most recent of attacks, that there are several 'elephants in the room' that need to be addressed.

she says that to instill peace, that people need to stop blaming... once a 'culprit' is caught, another 2 are created. some of these face death sentences when there is no evidence to prove that they are behind the violence.

she goes on to urge the media to start showing signs of hope. and for us to confront the "monster in the mirror"... how true.

the interview starts at 12 minutes and 14 seconds:
democracynow.org - interview with arundhati roy on the situation in south asia
this interview opens in windows media player.

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read roy's full article, 9 is not 11 (and september is not november), as published in the guardian uk (among other papers).

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