12.13 wedding anyone?

walking down the street tonight and we get caught up in a procession of loud music, drums, fire, lights and someone being carried around in a carriage atop horses. we are in the middle of a wedding procession.

it's december 13th and apparently its a very lucky day in dehli. there are 36,000 weddings in the city today. indians take astrology very seriously. when a young couple wants to get married, they are sent to the family astrologer, who will choose their wedding day for them. the astrologer will look into the stars of the bride and groom to be and choose a suitable day that is aligned and is especially lucky for a happy and prosperous destiny.

sounds romantic, but could you imagine trying to find a caterer for your wedding day, knowing there are 35,999 other weddings on the same day??

the procession itself was pretty cool. the poor groom though. everyone gets to sing and dance in the streets, and he is stuck up there on the back of a stinky animal in a ridiculous getup!

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